Which Fitbit zip is Best for Kids

Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness tracking devices in the world. Their fitness trackers not only help to keep fit, but they also help to ingrain into the user healthy fitness habits that becomes a part of the user throughout their lifetime.

Physical activities hold so much benefit for those that engage in them.

In children majorly, it has shown not only to reduce the risk of obesity, fat clogs, laziness, weariness, dullness, weakness but also sharpens alertness, mental fitness, improve focus and reduces hyperactivity.

Adopting the use of an activity tracker such as the fitbit will help build physical fitness and physical activities into the lifestyle of the user.

Known mostly for its pedometer capabilities, the fitbit is one of the most prominent fitness tracker products out there in the market. With a variety of kids fitness trackers and activity trackers, the fitbit trackers have carved a niche for themselves in fitness accessories and in the world of children fitness.

Popularly known for dynamicity, the fitbit offers variety of products and corresponding features for each, making them peculiar and for specific users.

The fitbit is the most widely used activity tracker by adults, which not only encourages them to take more steps, but also measure up as good fashion materials. This can attest to why this will be a valuable tool to making kids step out and move on.

Fitbit for kids

What fitbits are – they are modern pedometers (basically modern step counters), with some more exotic features such as measurement of calories used up during daily activities, amount of sleep, and some advanced ones can measure up to even the heart rate, and distinguish between footsteps and climbing the staircase.

Generally, fitbits are not originally designed for kids according to the company’s terms of service. They are posted not to be suitable for kids below 13 years of age.

This they say is due to the restriction by the online privacy law that prevents the use of children below 13years.

The fitbit requires synchronization of data to an online account through the connected mobile app. The United States law does not permit access and ownership of such accounts by children below the age of 13.

But there is a way out, because children should not miss out on the exciting facilities offered by the fitbit. The way of escape is to create an account for your kids on their behalf and that settles it. They can now enjoy the wonderful device all the way.

Which fitbit is best for kids?

One major enquiry on the minds of every parent and intending fitbit buyer is to know the best fitbit for kids.

There is an array of wonderful, competent and cute devices. Some examples include:

The types of fitbit trackers available –

Fitbit zip

The Fitbit charge

The Fitbit charge2

The Fitbit flex2

The Fitbit one

The Fitbit Surge

The Fitbit charge HR

The Fitbit blaze

The Fitbit alta.

The all new Fitbit Ionic.

For kids, I will recommend the Fitbit zip for a couple of reasons such as:

The pricing – the fitbit zip is the cheapest of all the other members of the fitbit family.

Ease of use – this is one of the easiest activity trackers to use, as it has nothing more to do when putting it on than to just clip it on and get walking. This way, there are no many technicalities about it, nor rules of wearing to apply.

Another is the strength and resiliency of this device. All the members of the fitbit family are built properly for durability. It is also an important notice to remember that the fitbit series was not built with children in mind, so there is an expectation for the users to ensure device safety.

But all the same the fitbit zip is one of the strongest fitbits available, but there is also one famous for being rugged, and that is the fitbit flex2. This is a rugged tracker, but it is also more expensive than the zip.

If you don’t care about the money (my dear rich fellas reading this), then you can go for our more rugged member.

Why I don’t recommend other members of the Fitbit family is not because they are dangerous for kids, but because they are somewhat overpriced for kids bearing the fact that they can misplace or break the device unintentionally.

All the devices can be used once parents set up the online account on the behalf of their children.

Miracle Michael