The Importance of Physical Activities For Kids

A poorly developed child will definitely grow to be a poorly developed adult. The importance of physical fitness for kids and teenagers cannot be undermined as it is an important aspect of childhood development.

The earlier we can motivate our children to get into adequate physical activity, the earlier we can salvage their overall physical fitness (and all round alertness and agility) both in childhood and ultimately in adulthood.

In recent times, it has been observed that children and teenagers today have lots of activities keeping them busy which on the long run have a negative turn on their overall health and fitness. The problem is that most of these activities do not foster active lifestyle for children and teenagers.

Those activities such as video games, watching movies, learning with android tablets for kids, and the like of other “passive indoor recreational activities” are fun quite alright, but hinder physical activities in kids and teens, and hence reduce physical fitness in them.

Kids and teenagers’ current video games and on screen fascination not only prevents them from real life socialization, it also prevents them from keeping healthy lifestyles.

As parents, we know how difficult a challenge it is to keep your lovely littles and teens away from the screen (especially when an addiction to cartoon programs and video games are involved).

We also know how important it is to maintain good physical and mental health for kids and teenagers. And this can be achieved by maintaining good outdoor practices. Do sports, face to face socialization with family, friends, neighbors, church members and the like.

The rule of the game is making outdoor sporting activities as attractive and fun as the indoor (on screen) activities.

One motivation to make outdoor activities fun is to understand the importance of this outdoor activities first.

Some of the (important) underlying benefits of physical activities for kids are:

Exercises have some physical benefits such as helping the child develop healthy muscles, bones and joints. It is during the play time of jumping, running, pulling, skipping and the like that the body starts and maintains its development processes.

Another physical benefit of children physical activity is its helping to maintain appropriate body weight, which its opposite is now a nationwide concern, as the obesity rate in America has been revealed to have tripled since the 1970’s. This physical activities help burn excess calories and fat clogs in the body of the child faster than normal metabolism.

The mental benefits that exercise holds for the participant are – improved physical activities increases oxygen flow to the brain cells. Some of the effects of this include longer attention span, improved mental agility, improved focus and reduction in the rate of mental fatigue.

Exercise still holds emotional benefits for your child, which are – a hormone known as endorphin (which interacts with the receptors of the brain and triggers a positive feeling in the body) is released during exercise. The same hormone induced by exercise decreases symptoms of depression, increases feeling of well being, and improve appetite.

Benefits such as improved self esteem, higher energy level, decreased stress levels and calmness in scary situations.

Some other social and general benefits of outdoor physical exercises are what organized sports do, they give your child the sense team work, socialization, endurance, determination, setting and achieving set goals and targets.

Like I said earlier, the success of physical activities will hinge largely on how fun, entertaining and challenging the activities are.

So, as parents, we can help introduce and coordinate new and fun-filled physical activities into the physical activities of our children and teenagers that they will enjoy.

Friends and third parties can also play a vital role in this integration and fun activities.

And remember, the goal of every physical activity is to have fun and be physically fit and active, and every other benefit will be added as well.

Miracle Michael