Sleep Tracker for Kids? – A Necessity Indeed

Sleep is what balances all of life’s activities, it’s a necessary intermission.

Ensuring your child builds a healthy sleep habit early in life is a worthwhile investment – trust me, a competent sleep tracker can help you. Lots of budget friendly sleep tracking devices are available to meet your needs.

Sleep trackers have even been embedded into other major activity trackers and fitness trackers as well.

Like other activity tracking (lots of adults are spend reasonable amount of money to get an activity tracker) such as calorie consumption, exercise targets, sleep tracking is also gaining prominence amongst the adult population with the purpose of living a balanced and healthy life.

A fitness tracking device in use has helped a lot of people keep up with their fitness target and sleep targets as well by encouraging them by following up with their exercise and sleep routine.

Kids’ fitness is encouraged by lots of companies today, and many devices are available such as Fitbit for kids to enhance concerted fitness activities and kids fitness programs.

One major factor in the fitness, wellness, and overall health of any individual (not excluding kids) is SLEEP. This is a necessary outcome that we all know strikes a balance in all activities of life (even adopted as a medically recommended escape from stress).

Sleep is hence no less an important factor for healthy living than food, exercise, drink, safety, and all other life promoting activities. Sadly, many of us – grossly due to our big expectations and workaholic lifestyle – do not avail our children the critical sleep they require for proper function and development.

Although not a purposeful act – as a matter of fact, we don’t have it in mind nor think much of it (we never meant it at first). Long working hours as parents (to survive the economy I understand), school packed schedules, after school activities, religious activities, family engagements and lot other lifestyle activities makes kids miss essential naps, pushed back bedtimes, early wake up time, and some night that are short of peaceful uninterrupted night rest.

You see, missing naps or going to bed kindda late may not seem like a big deal right? But oh dear, it is. They all add up, and the consequences may last a life time – you know, they are all long term consequences.

To understand some of these consequences, you got to understand the importance of this “almighty needed” sleep, then you reverse it, and when you do, you are left with the knowledge and understanding of the hazards we face or kids with by depriving them of their required sleep time.

Marc Weissbluth, MD, comments on the functions of sleep in his book – Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child:

“Sleep is the power source that keeps your mind alert and calm. Every night and at every nap, sleep recharges the brain’s battery. Sleeping well increases brainpower just as weight lifting builds stronger muscles, because sleeping well increases your attention span and allows you to be physically relaxed and mentally alert at the same time. Then you are at your personal best.”

Growth is one of the major aspect stimulated by sleep, oh yes it is. Growth hormone is primarily secreted during sleep. I believe that is why nature provides babies with that default desire, that they spend most of their time sleeping (about 50%) deeply which is essential for their obvious rapid growth. I know people – including myself – that have exclaimed that a baby has grown overnight, what did it? – adequate sleep (by default though).

Another is Attention span and memory. It is believed that the learning process is completed at sleep. At sleep, the brain and mind is calm, and a sorting process takes place to ease stress and process information.

We can all attest to the fact that we think, learn and remember better when we are relaxed, how much more memory enhancement when we are asleep.

With regards attention span, it has been researched that kids that consistently get fewer than 10hours of sleep a night before they get to about 3 years of age are more likely to have problems with hyperactivity in their later childhood, thus affecting their attention span.

We can also attest to this, that whenever our sleep period is interrupted, we experience reduced attention and coordination till we relax or sleep, how much more our kids.

Intelligence is also affected by sleep as already proved by Marc Weissbluth, MD above from his book excerpt. What is intelligence without mental alertness?

Also importantly is Weight which is the major subject of interest on this website. The fat cells create a hormone called “Leptin” that is secreted when we have had enough food that signals us to stop eating. Study also shows that this hormone’s secretion is affected by sleep habit, thus, sleep deprivation impedes this hormonal secretion, so kids (and anyone) would not know when to stop eating, and hence tend to be obese.

This is just an overview of the major effects of inadequate sleep hours in children, with special regards to fitness and overall health.

I believe you can now see the need for paying attention to the sleep pattern and habit of your kids. And good enough, there are ample fitness trackers and activity trackers that serve as sleep tracking devices to help monitor your kids’ sleep habit, and also set sleep targets and other activity and fitness targets for your kids.

Miracle Michael