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Which Fitbit zip is Best for Kids

Fitbit is one of the leading manufacturers of fitness tracking devices in the world. Their fitness trackers not only help to keep fit, but they also help to ingrain into the user healthy fitness habits that becomes a part of the user throughout their lifetime.

Physical activities hold so much benefit for those that engage in them.

In children majorly, it has shown not only to reduce the risk of obesity, fat clogs, laziness, weariness, dullness, weakness but also sharpens alertness, mental fitness, improve focus and reduces hyperactivity.

Adopting the use of an activity tracker such as the fitbit will help build physical fitness and physical activities into the lifestyle of the user.

Known mostly for its pedometer capabilities, the fitbit is one of the most prominent fitness tracker products out there in the market. With a variety of kids fitness trackers and activity trackers, the fitbit trackers have carved a niche for themselves in fitness accessories and in the world of children fitness. Continue reading

Activity Tracker for Kids and Teenagers

One major desire of every, and priority of some parents is to have fit kids. This has made kids fitness a very paramount issue of interest in any successful home. Children fitness is so important that parents register their kids for kids fitness classes, kids exercise programs and other health and fitness for kids programs.

One of the major issues that come to mind in maintaining children fitness is how much exercise is too much (or too little) for my child per time? This is where the use of activity tracker comes to play.

What are Activity Trackers?

Activity Trackers (fitness gadgets also known as a fitness tracker) are devices or applications for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or ran, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep.

Activity trackers for kids are fitness trackers for kids which are small wearables (in form of watches on their wrists) that kids put on and it counts their steps, distance covered, and other activities that affect fitness and the child’s overall health. Continue reading

Sleep Tracker for Kids? – A Necessity Indeed

Sleep is what balances all of life’s activities, it’s a necessary intermission.

Ensuring your child builds a healthy sleep habit early in life is a worthwhile investment – trust me, a competent sleep tracker can help you. Lots of budget friendly sleep tracking devices are available to meet your needs.

Sleep trackers have even been embedded into other major activity trackers and fitness trackers as well.

Like other activity tracking (lots of adults are spend reasonable amount of money to get an activity tracker) such as calorie consumption, exercise targets, sleep tracking is also gaining prominence amongst the adult population with the purpose of living a balanced and healthy life.

A fitness tracking device in use has helped a lot of people keep up with their fitness target and sleep targets as well by encouraging them by following up with their exercise and sleep routine. Continue reading

How do I Fit in Exercise to My Child’s Lifestyle?

Your kids might have adjusted to a particular lifestyle that does not incorporate any or enough physical activities. When that is, and especially when you do not live a very physically active lifestyle, it seems very difficult and near impossible to fit physical exercises into your child’s lifestyle.

But I feel a better understanding of the areas and steps to incorporate these activities into the normal daily routine of your kids.

There are three (3) major areas of kids’ fitness to ensure all round kids fitness, and these are – strength, endurance (stamina) and flexibility. And all these three can be achieved by keeping up with the American Heart Association and Centre for Disease control recommended 60 minutes of physical exercise for your child.

The daily exercise should incorporate exercises to cover the three core areas of child fitness.

Strengthening exercises to fit in include – running, climbing, push ups, sit ups, pull ups, light weight lifting, wrestling with friends and other strength demanding exercises. Continue reading

The Importance of Physical Activities For Kids

A poorly developed child will definitely grow to be a poorly developed adult. The importance of physical fitness for kids and teenagers cannot be undermined as it is an important aspect of childhood development.

The earlier we can motivate our children to get into adequate physical activity, the earlier we can salvage their overall physical fitness (and all round alertness and agility) both in childhood and ultimately in adulthood.

In recent times, it has been observed that children and teenagers today have lots of activities keeping them busy which on the long run have a negative turn on their overall health and fitness. The problem is that most of these activities do not foster active lifestyle for children and teenagers.

Those activities such as video games, watching movies, learning with android tablets for kids, and the like of other “passive indoor recreational activities” are fun quite alright, but hinder physical activities in kids and teens, and hence reduce physical fitness in them.

Kids and teenagers’ current video games and on screen fascination not only prevents them from real life socialization, it also prevents them from keeping healthy lifestyles. Continue reading