Activity Tracker for Kids and Teenagers

One major desire of every, and priority of some parents is to have fit kids. This has made kids fitness a very paramount issue of interest in any successful home. Children fitness is so important that parents register their kids for kids fitness classes, kids exercise programs and other health and fitness for kids programs.

One of the major issues that come to mind in maintaining children fitness is how much exercise is too much (or too little) for my child per time? This is where the use of activity tracker comes to play.

What are Activity Trackers?

Activity Trackers (fitness gadgets also known as a fitness tracker) are devices or applications for monitoring and tracking fitness-related metrics such as distance walked or ran, calorie consumption, and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep.

Activity trackers for kids are fitness trackers for kids which are small wearables (in form of watches on their wrists) that kids put on and it counts their steps, distance covered, and other activities that affect fitness and the child’s overall health.

To measure the required activity level of your kids or teenagers, activity trackers for kids and teenagers can be employed. Some of the best fitness trackers for kids are reviewed below.

Garmin Vivofit Jr: Your All Day Dependable Activity Tracker for Kids

Garmin vivofit jr is a smart water resistant activity tracker that is also beautiful and comical (with a hell lotta kid appeal trust me), thus making it the best activity tracker to boost your kids’ zeal to put it on throughout the day. This activity tracker goes a long way to help and to motivate your kids to achieve whatever level of activity target expected of them at every point in time.

This garmin fitness tracker is a waterproof fitness tracker.

Its water resistant feature enables it to be used by the children even when taking a bath or during a swimming session, hence ensuring tracking of all their activities to boost accuracy in tracking.

The activity tracker is built with parent consideration in mind (another plus) so that kids activities can be monitored and overseen. It comes with a fitness tracker app for mobile devices.

Although Garmin vivofit jr compatible apps provide fun and exploratory adventures for kids, parents have control of the app to make use of it to monitor their kids active minutes, allocate chores to them and rewards for each of their achievements.

Parent consideration allows the monitoring of their kids’ activities from the comfort and mobility of their mobile devices. This feature has popularised the Garmin Vivofit Jr. as the “Parental Personal Assistant”.

When using the task designation feature, the Garmin Vivofit Jr. can be set to offer the kids the reminder on their required tasks and activities at all points in time, rather than having the parents always check on the completion of each task and activity.

A plus-plus to both the parents and the kids is the reward note on the parents’ app that the kids motivation to complete tasks and a sense of satisfaction at the completion of each task. A plus to the parents by acting as a reminder so they don’t forget and as the productivity of their children increase, their satisfaction in turn increases.

With all the under listed features that this outstanding product stands to offer, the amazing Garmin Vivofit Jr. can be guaranteed a best buy activity tracker for kids and teenagers alike, and it is always worth the buy, as value obtainable will match price offered.

Key Features of the Garmin Vivofit Jr.:

  • One year plus battery lifespan without requiring recharge (user replaceable though).
  • A kid-friendly design (comical and pretty trust me your kids will love ‘em all).
  • 24/7 wearability.
  • Water resistant making it durable and swim friendly.
  • Kid tough – easy to put on, the 1-size-fits-most, nonstaining, 1-piece band stretches over your child’s hand and fits comfortably.
  • Features to track steps, sleep and the legendary 60 minutes recommended activity every day.
  • Free parent-controlled mobile apps that combine fun and educational mobile adventures for kids, incorporating tasks and chores with behavioural management facilities.  OS compatible Android 4.4 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 or greater or iPhone OS version 9.1 and above
  • Ages 4—9 years; Bands: Regular size accommodates wrists up to 145 mm; X-large fits wrists 146-170 mm. vívofit 3 bands are compatible.
  • Sunlight-readable and high-resolution display and stop watch functionality.
  • Automated exercise goal.

Activity Tracking Features:

  • Step counter to track the number of steps your child takes.
  • A chore recorder that records the chores allocated to a child and their achievements.
  • Move bar which displays on the device after some period of inactivity. To reset it just walk for a couple of minutes.
  • Sleep monitor that monitors the total sleep hours and times of movement.

Good to know is that the Garmin Vivofit Jr. also holds some Health Benefits for your kids, teenagers and whoever else is making use of it. With its features as already discussed above, it goes a long way to boost kids (and parents) involvement in kids’ fitness and hence kids’ health can be more easily monitored. Also, it ensures that the kids meet their 60 minutes of physical exercise daily activity goal recommended by the United States Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (C.D.C).

The device also motivates children to get more active by tracking their exercise intensity and showing them how they can improve their activities to meet the 60 minutes physical activity daily goal.

Pros of Garmin Vivofit Jr.:

  • One year plus replaceable battery.
  • Parental control.
  • Entertaining apps.
  • Water resistant.
  • Kids friendly.
  • Comical (beautiful) design.
  • Sleep and activity tracking.
  • Behaviour management.


  • Somewhat pricy (but I believe it is worth it).
  • Relatively small display screen.

If you are looking for a great device that combines strength, child appeal, beauty, productivity, reliability, durability and class, trust me, this fitness tracker will meet all those needs. Just buy it.


Fitbit zip – competent fitness companion for your kids

The fitbit zip for kids has the following features:

All day activity tracking – this single device keeps track of total number of steps taken, distance covered, and amount of calories burnt.

Another amazing feature of the fitbit zip which gives it an edge over many other fitness trackers (and even some other of its fitbit family members like the fitbit flex2) is the large tap display. According to the manufacturers, it has a user-friendly display that quickly takes you behind the scenes of your health. This is controlled with just a tap.

Another plus is the wireless syncing. This is one of the most popular wireless syncing fitness trackers in the market. This feature allows it to sync your daily stats to your computer and your other leading devices, and shows your progress in easy to read charts and graphs so you can adequately monitor and pace your progress.

It also has a discrete versatile wear which enables you to secure the comfortable clip to your pocket, belt or inner wear to keep it hidden. This device has the ability to stay out of sight, but remain in tune with all your daily activities.

For those that love and require the wrist band – especially as you want to buy it for your child, and would not like your child to misplace it – you can also order for the fitbit zip wristband bracelet which you can fix the device into and wear it like every other fitness tracking device on your child’s wrist.

One major feature that guarantees all day service is the long battery life. The fitbit zip runs on a replaceable watch battery which lasts up to 6 months without the need of recharging.

This awesome tracker also has the ability to tell the time, which makes it double up as also a digital watch as well.

How the all day activity tracking works – understanding a thing is what guarantees maximizing its benefits.


“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”
― Anaïs Nin

For the Pedometer, the tracker works by measuring strides to ascertain if the child is running or walking. This works by applying an accelerometer (which is an electromechanical device used to measure the rate of change of speed, that is difference in speed per time).

When it comes to measuring calories, what this device does is to measure the amount of energy your child expends carrying out his or her activities with regards to the pre-supplied bio data such as height, weight, gender and age.

The device synchronizes this data with the mobile app through which you can monitor, analyse and pace your progress.

You can also set fitness targets for and with your kids, and also provide rewards for the achievement of every goal.

The fitbit like I earlier stated is a very budget friendly device, and can be bought here.

The pros of the fitbit zip are:

  • Long lasting non-rechargeable replaceable battery with a lifespan of 6 months.
  • Large tap display which give you more view and access tom more information directly on the tracker.
  • Beyond average pedometer that tracks both distance covered and calories burned during daily activities.
  • It is very budget friendly but does not compromise quality and durability.
  • It has memory that enables it track 7 days of detailed motion data, so you don’t have to always log in your daily progress each day. The device even tracks totals for past 23days.
  • The device can actually tell the difference between just walking and running.
  • The synchronizing feature of this device allows you to keep track of yor child’s fitness, even when you choose not to synchronize your data to any online platform.


The cons of the device:

Making up your mind to buy this device, bear in mind that no device is ever 100% perfect. So, below I outline some of the shortcomings of this device I discovered:

  • It is not fully water resistant, although it is sweat, rain and splash proof. If you want trackers you and your child can swim with, you can consider the fitbit ionic, the fitbit flex2, the apple series 3 or the garmin vivofit jr to mention but a few.
  • It does not have a heart rate monitor.
  • It does not track sleep hours. If sleep tracking is a concern for you, you can consider the fitbit one.
  • It does not come with a wrist strap, so it can be worn on the wrist. A solution to this has already been provided, by the use of the fitbit zip wristband bracelet.

On an overall level, I can boldly say that the fitbit zip is a competent companion for your child’s fitness tracking. It is good as a budget friendly fitness tracker for kids which alongside does not compromise quality. But if the money is not much of a consideration for you, then there are other fitness tracker for kids that are equally good.

Miracle Michael